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Romantic ideas for couples

If you are a celebrity watcher you may have noticed that many celebrity couples only stay together for some years then go for a divorce. Sometimes the divorce papers say the divorce is due to “irreconcilable differences”… Read more

The online world is really a universe that has many diverse “planets” existing within its realm. Chances are you have met someone new through social media or through a website and are interested in getting to know her be… Read more

When you decide to go online dating sites, you naturally have to create an online dating profile. Although there are many horror stories of men and women who got scammed because they put sensitive personal information on… Read more

The world of online dating has evolved fast in recent years – a vast improvement from the days when you could only message your date. The advent of the Internet and subsequent technological advances have helped make onli… Read more

The Philippines is a country that offers a vast array of natural experiences for anyone who cares to indulge in them. The Pearl of the Orient, as it is often referred to, is home to thousands of islands with pristine bea… Read more